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Everyone Needs Vision

VZN Strategy Group is a strategic management firm committed to helping black women and organizations actualize their vision. Specializing in brand development, event management, marketing and corporate strategy, VZN develops innovative solutions that aid clients in maximizing their potential and reaching mainstream audiences.

VZN is a bridge from black talent to corporate audiences. Serving as a listening device and mouthpiece for all things black women, VZN partners with emerging black female talent and empowers them to be their authentic selves and properly present themselves to a global community. At times, black women are stereotyped and typecast, but VZN finds strategic ways for black women to tell their truths in a way that is understood. Let VZN enhance your vision and communicate it effectively to the right stakeholders, funders, and partners. 


Alaina Holloway-Carpenter

Alaina Holloway-Carpenter is an author, image strategist, and motivational speaker from Cleveland, Ohio. A hair stylist by trade, she has spent most of her career mentoring and uplifting women.

In 2015, she authored her first book, Behind Church Doors:Overcoming ChurchHurt, a memoir detailing her painful experiences as the wife of a pastor.Alaina hopes to use those experiences to help women overcome adversities in their relationships, careers, and religious journey.

Alaina speaks to women sharing her experiences and encourages them to overcome adversities in relationships, careers, and religious journeys.

Her image strategist expertise has allowed her to work with a celebrity,Gloria James, Lebron James’ mother. Image strategy has also allowed her to partner with such companies as Essence, Harlem Fashion Row, and Saks Fifth Avenue, to name a few.

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